Calling All Austinites to #KeepAustinRooted!

Calling All Austinites to #KeepAustinRooted! image


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We're on a mission to #KeepAustinRooted.

TreeFolks is on a mission to combat the loss of tree canopy & fight climate change by planting another one million trees in Central Texas. Join our Keep Austin Rooted campaign to bring back the beauty, protection, and bounty that native trees provide to the ecosystem and our community.

We're working to #KeepAustinRooted in the following ways, and more:

  • Tree Canopy Equity — TreeFolks is building equity in our urban tree canopy by leveraging our programmatic strengths, focusing resources, and partnering directly with neighbors and historically excluded communities to create community-led, place-based, transformational impact.
  • Expanded Floodplain Reforestation — TreeFolks has increased the scope of our Floodplain Reforestation Program to now encompass six counties in Central Texas. This regional approach will help restore forests to a greater number of critical riparian lands and fight climate change with even more carbon sequestration capacity.
  • Tree Education — As we grow our reach and ensure TreeFolks is a name known to all in the community, we're dedicated to increasing educational workshops, tree ID hikes, seed collection, and Urban Forest Stewards service-learning.
  • Organizational Growth and Infrastructure Needs — A growing impact, increasing geographic area, and continued health precautions mean more people, equipment, and tools. That translates to a need for upgraded office space, equipment maintenance, and a covered area to protect our vehicles from the elements.
  • All of this, and more — Community tree plantings, tree adoptions, educational programming, reforestation, communications team, and our active volunteer programs all work together to build stronger communities